Sunday, January 9, 2011

10:31 AM
Navigation is an essential component of a website. A good navigation system leads to a better user experience as user can find the information quickly and easily. Here are 15+ tutorials for creating interactive navigation for your website using the powerful JavaScript framework jQuery.

1.Horizontal Animated Menu using jQuery

This tutorial shows you how to create an interactive animated horizontal menu using jQuery that shows more information about particular link when mouse is moved over it.
Tutorial        Demo

2. Sliding Menu using jQuery

This tutorial explains how to create a slick icon based sliding menu that shows more information about a link when mouse is moved over an icon.
Tutorial               Demo

3. Create a nice menu imitating kwicks jQuery Plugin

If you have ever used the kwicks jQuery plugin, then this is the exact imitation of it. This tutorial explains how to achieve kwicks effect using jQuery.
Tutorial              Demo

4. Create a Vertical News Ticker using jQuery & jCarousel Lite

If you need to show some news items on your website, then this is the tutorial you should be looking for to create a vertical news scroller for showing lots of news item in small amount of screen real estate.
Tutorial                     Demo

5. Horizontal Scrolling Menu With CSS & jQuery

This tutorial explains how to achieve flash like functionality by building a horizontal scrolling menu using just jQuery and CSS
Tutorial                      Demo

6. Animated Drop-down menu using jQuery

If you are short of space and have some links to display then put them under a nice animated drop-down by following this jQuery tutorial.
Tutorial                             Demo

7. Rollover Tooltips With jQuery

This tutorial shows how to show tool-tips over navigation icons in a nice animated way to provide more information to user about a particular link.
Tutorial                        Demo

8. Styling Links Based on File Extensions

If you are linking to documents, presentations or any type of files from your web page then this tutorial is quite helpful, as it shows you how to stylize links based on the file type they point to.

9. Create Flickr like Horizontal Navigation using CSS & jQuery

Inspired by Flickr’s horizontal navigation, then this tutorial shows how to create Flickr like horizontal navigation menu using jQuery.

10. How To Create A ‘Mootools Homepage’ Inspired Navigation Effect Using jQuery

Create a nice animated vertical navigation menu using jQuery inspired from old mootools homepage navigation.
Tutorial                          Demo

11. Create a KeyPress Navigation using jQuery

This tutorial shows you how to create navigation menu that works using keyboard strokes without requiring user to hover mouse over menu items.
Tutorial                           Demo

12. Learning jQuery: Fading Menu – Replacing content

Create a nice fading menu that shows content for each menu item in a nice animated fashion.
Tutorial                                Demo

13. LavaLamp jQuery Navigation

This tutorial explains how to use jQuery to achieve LavaLamp type interactive navigation effect for horizontal menus.

14. Create a Cool Animated Navigation with CSS & jQuery

This tutorial is flash menu replacement as it shows how to create a cool animated navigation using CSS & jQuery. It looks just like those flash based animated menus but doesn’t use flash.
Tutorial                       Demo

15. Creating a Floating HTML Menu using jQuery & CSS

This tutorial shows you how to create an animated floating menu using jQuery. Very useful for long content pages.
Tutorial                         Demo
I hope these tutorials will inspire you to create better and interactive navigation systems. And if you know of some other nice navigation menu using jQuery, feel free to share them in comments below.