Monday, January 21, 2013

9:33 AM
Quicksilver Forums
This is a PHP forum script that uses a MySQL database. Features include the ability to format posts using BB code, add attachments to posts, embed images in posts, send private messages (PM), get RSS feeds on posts, insert polls, etc. Administrative facilities include a variety of spam protection mechanisms,
such as to require (if you wish) validation by email on registration and adding "nofollow" to links, banning members as well as IP addresses, censor inappropriate words, restrict access to different areas of the forum, restrict who can start new topics (etc), move, split, pin and lock topics, customisation ("customization" in US English) of the forum "skins", install your own emoticons and post icons, award special titles to members, backup and restore the forum, etc. 

Simple Machines Forum
Simple Machines Forum, or SMF, is a PHP forum software that uses a MySQL database. Its visual layout is controlled by templates, so you can customize its appearance by changing the template. It features the ability to group sub-forums, or boards, into categories; assign moderators to each board; create member groups and assign users to one or more of such groups; assigning certain member groups to certain boards/forums; controlling the permissions for each member group; board statistics that let you track topics, messages, new members, individual member statistics; banning members based on usernames, email address, IP address or hostname; support for polls, calendars, attachments; etc. 

phpBB Forum
This PHP based forum or BBS requires you to have MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, or an Access/ODBC database server. It purports to be customizable, has a search utility (allowing your BBS visitors to be able to search the forum), private messaging system, unlimited forums and posts, multiple forum moderators, IP tracking on posts, an installation script, the ability to turn on/off HTML in posts, and so on. 

Zorum Community Forum Software
This is another PHP based community forum (message board) software. It requires a MySQL database, the Apache web server, and PHP version 4. According to its website, your server must also be running on Linux. The software supports both threaded and linear views. Other features include different permission levels, user profiles, moderated forums, personalisation, etc. It may be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes, but you have to register, and you may not put advertisements, banners, affiliate links or "any kind of commercial activity" on the forum pages of the site. 

Phorum Message Board
Phorum is a PHP based message board with support for threads and interfaces with MySQL, PostgreSQL and possibly others. 

MercuryBoard is a bulletin board script written in PHP 4. It uses a MySQL database and supports emoticons, search engine, help engine, an admin control panel, etc. This software is apparently "no longer under active development" (according to their website).