Thursday, January 13, 2011

10:53 AM
Flash MP3 players in the cool, because web developers and bloggers to include a music player and create their own Web sites, which provide JukeBox.With these online music player, you can add a list of songs with ease and integration provided JavaScript code on your site. Most of these music players are customizable and can cause skin irritation, which won a lawsuit web designer.

Today we are at 10 on the basis of flash MP3 player you are looking for, you can easily implement on your site.

Audio Player

Audio player is an open source Flash MP3 player, which is distributed under the MIT open. Original is a plug-in WordPress, but the developer has built a standalone version, which will be used, may well site. WordPress user receives a large number of customization options.

Flabell Flash Mp3 Player

It is fully customizable music player for your site. Playlists on the street with a load of XML files and may take a few artists and albums to their playlists, to add

Flabell Simple Flash Mp3 Player

This minimalist MP3-player for your site. Simple Flash MP3-player other free product Flabell. This simple music player has a Play / Stop button is the bar, which can be drawn, and the display of sound.

Yahoo! Media Player

Yahoo! Media Player creates an integrated player for each audio link. Simply add the JavaScript code is automatically given and audio files and add the play button on the following link

Mp3 Player

This audio file player for MP3, which are intended for distribution on their websites. MP3-player with an open source, free and easily customizable. Complete with 5 different types and allows the user to select a song from the playlist.

Free Flash Mp3 Player

Flash MP3-player is a free application that allows you to play music on your website easily and quickly. You need to install any programming skills or use it. Only he Bette on your site, and the player will automatically scan a specified folder and create a playlist.


NiftyPlayer is a small and simple Flash Player mp3 music. When you Enable JavaScript, which can also control the player without the interface Flash!


Dewplayer very lightweight and easy to use. To download and play MP3 files, when the play button. It has 3 different modes: Mini, Classic and Multi. Multi version allows users to track and back over the next button Play.

Free MP3 Music Player for Website

This MP3-player Flash consists of 6 different options, including one track, multiple tracks, with or without me, a mini-version of Flash Player with a single cycle. Songs stored in a library in XML.


Audio Player is a free MP3 player buttons on the flash-based technology. Users can adjust the playback / stop button images, background color, the configuration of the loop and the automatic launch options.