Thursday, October 9, 2014

10:02 AM
JS / PHP script online video editor, GUI for FFmpeg (or Mencoder). Allows you to cut the video into pieces and combine them. Convert video formats: FLV, MP4, WEBM, OGV. Possibility of fast cutting video fragments without transcode.
  • Fast (instant) cutting video into pieces without transcode.
  • Ability to combine pieces of video.
  • For video are used server applications: FFmpeg, Mencoder (optional), MP4Box / gpac (optional), MKVMerge (optional).
  • Convert video formats: FLV, MP4, WEBM, OGV.
  • Showing the progress of conversion percentage.
  • Three HTML5 player to choose from.
  • Upload video 3 ways: file, link, from Youtube.
  • Simple configuration (in file).
  • Multilingual support (made translations into English and Russian).
  • Nice interface and adaptive layout (Bootstrap 3.2).
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