Wednesday, June 27, 2012

9:09 AM
jRecorder is a jQuery plugin to enable a flash recorder in your webpages. You DON’T need to have a flash streaming server or RED5 server to do this recording.
Features :
  • You DON’T need any flash knowledge to implement this recorder in your web page
  • you DON’T need a flash media server (RED5) for recording audio
  • You can design your record button, recording progress bar, recording input sound level with HTML+ CSS
  • You can save the recorded audio file in WAV format into your PHP server, using 2 lines of PHP code
  • This recorder record voice using browser’s flash and save in browser temporary and when user finish recording, it send the file as POST to your PHP server (a php file)
  • *NEW: You can preview the recorded voice before sending to Server. 
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Justin Hunt said...

The JRecorder is very nice. Especially because you don't need another server and can customize the appearance.

An alternative is the open source/commercial SDK at

That is good because it also handles mobile devices.