Wednesday, June 15, 2011

10:10 AM
Today we will be featuring calendar date pickers to let you output planners, calendars even more easier, most of these date pickers are built on jQuery and jQuery UI (User Interface).

I would consider these date pickers as frameworks with great functionality, but most of them require modifying and some styling, but I think it’s really acceptable since each project needs it’s own design and you should change style of calendar plugin too. These plugins will help you and your visitors keep track what’s happening in specific project and help to organize time!

This is tutorial how to make kind a like iPhone calendar application.

The DatePicker lets users easily select valid dates from a dropdown calendar. No need to worry about date formats, by picking dates it’s always correct.

Calendar is a Javascript class that adds accessible and unobtrusive date-pickers to your form elements. This class is a compilation of many date-pickers I have implemented over the years and has been completely re-written for Mootools. I have tried to include all the features that have been most useful while streamlining the class itself to keep it as small as possible. Use the links below to see what features are available in Calendar and how it might enhance the accessibility, usability and validation of form elements on your website.

jQuery Calendar Widget Plugin is a simple jQuery Calendar Widget Plugin with a month view. You can specify which month you would like to display or have it display the current month. With just 100 lines of Javascript code, this plugin is light-weight and perfect for its purpose.

Calendar Component that is very customizable and extendable.


Create any numbers of months per calendar.
Set the weekend, days off, holidays (dates off), start day of the week.
Start and end date.
Multi selection with limits or without.
Skinnable (using CSS).
Can have any number of calendars in any page.
Optimized for best performance.

This flexible, simple pop-up calendar is written to work across browsers. It’s fully commented and customisable for language, colours and date format. The pop-up displays a month at a time from a specified range of years.

The optional input date determines the initial month displayed. The year can be in two or four digits while the month can be digits or a month name abbreviation that can easily be set up for any language. Any date or day of the week can be disabled (and re-enabled) using JavaScript on the calling page.

This is ideal for combination with server-side technologies to produce a professional application.


Stefan Gabos said...
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Stefan Gabos said...

there's also Zebra_Datepicker, a a lightweight and highly configurable date picker plugin for jQuery