Thursday, December 23, 2010

9:17 PM
jQuery is slowly becoming ubiquitous in the web development arena all due to its easy to learn, easy to use and easy to extend nature. Here are 30+ fresh and amazing jQuery plugins and tutorials which i have hand-picked from jQuery articles or plugins published in last 30 days on the interwebs. If you are looking for latest on jQuery, then this is a must read for you.


1. How to add preloader with loading image in a gallery using jQuery

Use a jQuery preloader while images are loading in the gallery.

2. Simple Lava Lamp Menu Tutorial With jQuery

Create a unique lava lamp animated jQuery navigation menu

Amazing tutorial on creating a flash like 3D tag cloud using jQuery.

Drag & Drop facility in a web application provides for a rich user interface, learn how to create one using jQuery UI.

5. Awesome Horizontal Animated menu using Kwicks for jQuery

Build a customizable and versatile horizontal animated menu using jQuery Kwicks plugin.

6. Create a Thumbnail Gallery With Slick Heading & Caption effect

Nice tutorial on creating an attractive jquery menu with fade in background change on hover.

8. jQuery PHP AJAX Autosuggest

Autosuggest is one of the useful features of present web applications. Learn how to create one using jQuery and PHP.

Nice tutorial on imitating the new twitter login dropdown box using jquery.

10. Crafting an Animated Postcard With jQuery

Create a flashy postcard using just jQuery and no flash.

11. Twitter like Search With jQuery & AJAX

Create a twitter like search box that loads results using AJAX on same page.

12. Voting System With jQuery, AJAX, PHP

Learn how to create dzone like voting system.

13. AJAXed Sliding Shopping Cart Using jQuery

Amazing tutorial on creating a sliding AJAX Shopping basket that slides in and updates the cart when new item is added and auto-hides after some time. It also supports manual show hide option to view shopping cart at any time.

14. How To Build Animated Header in jQuery

Add motion to your header by animating its background. Amazing animation tutorial using jQuery.

15. Hide and Seek With jQuery

Use jQuery to display multiple modules of an application on a single page based on the event occurred.

16. jQuery Comment Preview

Provide comment preview to your users as they type in their comment using jQuery.

17. Styling Drop Down Boxes With jQuery

Since select boxes are hard to style using CSS, this tutorial shows you how to replace a select box with a textbox and an unordered list and then style them according to your choice.

18. Scrolling Dynamic Content Box

Load content into a div on scroll using AJAX just like Google reader loads more items as you scroll down to view more items of a feed.

19. Ways To Debug your jQuery or JavaScript Code

This article explains how you can easily debug javascript code using jquery console logging.

20. 5 Ways To Make AJAX Calls with jQuery

Nice tutorial from NetTuts+ about different ways of making AJAX calls using jQuery. It is even useful for those who are already familiar with jQuery as in depth coverage of various methods of making AJAX calls has been done.


1. Tipsy

Display Facebook style tooltip plugins based on anchor tag’s title attribute

2. jQuery YouTube PlayList

Convert a list of YouTube links into playlist which allows user to see videos right on the page itself.

3. SuperFish Menus

Superfish Menus is an easy to use jquery plugin that converts unordered HTML lists into nice drop down menus.

4. Elastic

Elastic is a lightweight jQuery plugin that makes textareas adjust their size according to the size of content.

5. OverScroll

Implement iphone like click and drag to scroll behavior on your web page.

6. Tweetable

Display Twitter feed on your website easily and quickly with tweetable. Gives you option to convert twitter usernames and URLs into hyperlinks

7. jQuery Link nudge

Make links notorious just like ones on David Walsh blog using this jQuery Link Nudge plugin.

8. TimePickr

If you need to get time as input from user, then use this plugin to provide a rich UI to input time.

9. Truncatable

Truncatable lets you hide blocks of text on page and show them if user requires.

10. Incremental Search For Select Boxes

This plugin converts ordinary select boxes into combo boxes with incremental search, very useful if you have lots of options in the select box.

11. Anything Slider

Anything Slider is a full featured slider that is pretty easy to customize and adapt into your website.