Monday, June 14, 2010

3:50 AM
CSS and HTML is used to design a website to look attractive. However, the development of CSS and HTML, and every browser that is not balanced to make the UI developers need to ensure that information can be seen very well in every browser.
Browser becomes a very important media for conveying information in the Internet world. And appearance to be a very important step to ensure the information presented is easy and convenient to read.
This article has been collecting a variety of info about compatible browsers for CSS and HTML. And you can see anywhere a compatible browser to websites that are created in your

Free The Foxes

Free The Foxes is a free JavaScript+HTML+CSS-based solution solutions to inform the browser that is not compatible to visitors. With kemapuan owned FreeTheFoxes allows to assess the browser version and display the results window notification in accordance with these ratings. The window also displays the information or advice to download the better browser with a download link

Html5Demos is a website that is sharing a list of HTML5 demos. Demo is in the show include HTML5 features such as video, audio, Geolocation, drop drag’n, canvas web storage and more. Also mentioned compatible browser for each demo.


Modernizr is a JavaScript library that have the ability to detect whether a browser capable of CSS3 and HTML5 features like animation css, border radius, CSS and other transitions. The developers also can use the library to do the testing and ensure the application contains or HTML5 CSS3 to run in a browser that desired

FindMeByIP share information about  browser compatibility for CSS3 and HTML5 with a beautiful view and complete. In addition you can also see the famous search engine compatibility are like Google,  Yahoo and Bing


Quirksmode table lists the compatibility of CSS and HTML in general. Yes here does not mean browsers support every little detail of the specification correctly. Instead, it means that supports a subset of the specification can be implemented. In IE’s case this may mean that he supports the methods and property ownership, and properties generally equivalent to the W3C spec. Suitable for application as a reference in the UI developers working on the project website.