Sunday, December 9, 2012

9:28 AM
Coppermine Photo Gallery
This is a picture gallery script licensed under the open source GNU General Public License. You can create public galleries that are open all visitors to your website or private galleries where only registered users can view. Pictures may be uploaded using the web browser, and thumbnails are automatically created by the program.
The site administration facilities allow you to batch process large numbers of pictures that have been uploaded via FTP, set which features are permitted for users, etc. You can create albums of pictures, as well as set up categories for those albums. Other features include support for multiple users and multiple languages, automatic generation of image files and HTML code for intermediate-sized pictures (from your full sized originals) as well as thumbnails, user-selectable theme files with a number of pre-installed themes supplied, etc. This PHP script uses a MySQL database. 

phpAlbum - PHP Photo Album
This open source PHP script allows you to create a photo album or gallery of your pictures. It features IPTC support, import of keywords and picture descriptions, e-cards (where you can send e-cards to your friends and family), automatic generation and caching of thumbnails, the ability to add long and short descriptions for your pictures and galleries, password protected private galleries, an administration section where you can upload photos and create galleries (directories), customizable layout, access logging, etc. 

Single File PHP Gallery
Drop this script into any directory containing JPEG (JPG) or PNG images and it will automatically create a gallery for you of that folder's pictures. It generates thumbnails automatically, and is able to handle subdirectories, which it treats as sub-galleries. The appearance is customizable. 

Anto Web Gallery
This photo gallery script supports a number of languages, allows you to include captions for the images, supports AVI videos, automatically creates preview files (thumbnails), etc. 

Anima Gallery - Simple PHP Image Management
This PHP script generates image galleries from your web folders that contain JPEG, GIF or PNG pictures. It automatically generates thumbnails for your photos. All you have to do is to put the script into the same directory as your images, change the path and settings, and it will do the rest. 

TinyWebGallery - Free PHP Gallery
This PHP photo gallery script supports sliding thumbnails (via AJAX), comments, captions, view counters, top images, ratings (with security image), an administration facility to upload and manage images as well as manage users, keyboard navigation, protected galleries, 3 different slideshow types, embedded video support, multiple language support, support for a number of multimedia formats including AVI, MPG, MP3, etc, fullscreen mode, low bandwidth mode, the ability to customize/integrate footers, headers, etc. 

This PHP photo album script creates thumbnails automatically, supports unlimited number of directories and sub-directories, is able to ignore files and show only certain file types, supports auto image resizing, has an admin panel that allows you to create directories and upload files, etc. 

Plogger - Open Source Photo Gallery PHP Script
This script uses a template based theme system, allowing you to create your own custom skins for your photo gallery. It has a built-in XML generator, supports internationalization, the automatic unpacking of zip files, description fields for your pictures, inline-editing of captions and descriptions (via AJAX), automatic thumbnail generation, outputs validated XHTML code, is able to generate RSS feeds, supports slideshows, etc. This script requires you to have MySQL. 

Comic Gallery
This script automatically creates a gallery from a directory of images. You can include the gallery in your existing web page with a single line of code. It is able to display navigation above or below images, create Back and Next links and arrows, start with the first or last image in a directory, etc. You can customise the number of links per line, etc. It was originally designed for a subscription-based web comic site and is now released under the open source GNU General Public License.