Sunday, November 6, 2011

8:39 AM
In a previous post I showed possibly the easiest way to embed a Twitter feed on your website. This brought up a couple of questions from some users.

1. Can you make a background behind individual Tweets?
2. Can you put the date on it’s own separate line?
As the case goes with a lot of things these days jQuery to the rescue!

The jQuery and CSS code to make this happen came from Chris over at CSS-Tricks. I slimmed down and edited it to make it work for me. Here is a zip of the files used for the demo so you can download and edit it as you want.

You’ll see in the head of the index page the jQuery which makes it work. The line you need to change is the following:

First replace the part I highlighted in Blue “ilz_” with your Twitter user name.

Next, replace “count=5? with the number of tweets you want to show up on your page.
Other than that, you should be able to style the rest of the text, links, etc. as long as you know basic CSS. Enjoy!

For More Details : Click  Here


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