Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10:00 AM

When it comes to design, color is one of the hardest issues to overcome as there is a huge selection and you just get lost in choosing the right one for your piece of art. It is well-known that color is an important factor that might decide the success of your design and you’d better pay more attention to it before deciding on which color you should choose.

If we are talking about web-design – we all know that color choice is critical – we have to pick something that is pleasant for the eye and there definitely should be a contrast between the background color and the content. Thus a palette of colors would be useful, if you want to use certain colors but not be out of track too much so that they wouldn’t match.

Luckily palette generators are there to help you. Basically these are tools that generate the palette of colors from an RGB picture. That means that if you have something in your mind concerning the design of your website and you saw a picture that inspired you, you could easily generate the colors of that picture so that you design your website in that very palette of colors contained in that picture.